Saturday, March 31

Vicious Cycle

I read through the archives today. Apparently, like 90% of the things I document in this webblog are ridiculously depressing.

And so, I've recounted every of the searing events of the past four months in a crash-course 14min.

I can't even begin to describe how I'm feeling.

A Day in the Life

"Should I wear these jeans or..."

"Didn't you get blood on those jeans?"

"Yeah, but it came out. We have a good washer. So yeah. These jeans... or these shorts with a hole in the crotch and a ducky diaper pin instead of a button?"


"... okay, should I wear this shirt or the other shirt?"

"That one."

"Okay, should I wear these, or..."

"Dude, you should definitely wear clean undwear."

"Okay. Now, Flipflops or sneakers?"

"With jeans? Flipflops."

"Are you sure you like this shirt better?"


"How is this shirt better?"

"It isn't. Wear the other one."

"... Really? Are you sure?"


"Okay, okay. Jeeze. I need hair conditioner and a towel."

"No shampoo?"

"No. I'm a conditioner kind of guy."

Friday, March 30

They do.

Does it comfort or kill you to know that everyone feels exactly as you feel?

Wednesday, March 28


In case you were not previously aware, there are some things wrong with me:

<-- is not pretty
<-- has no skills valued by modern industrial society
<-- has a C in anatomy
<-- fan of potato chips in ice cream
<-- says terribly stupid things
<-- cannot speak Japanese
<-- flawed
<-- desperately wants to bury the dead
<-- loveless
<-- heartless
<-- soulless
<-- probably a masochist
<-- doesn't even really like ATHF at all
<-- writes false stories for under a false name and obscure email address just to hit home with life points that have never happened to me
<-- is a fraud
<-- is in love
<-- is a conformist
<-- has a very large ass
<-- worships Meatloaf
<-- backstabber
<-- frontstabber
<-- addict
<-- narcissist
<-- anti-confidant
<-- voted most likely cling to an abusive relationship by a jury of peers (voices in my head)
<-- loves the smell of wet dirt

<-- failure to thrive at the age of 19

Monday, March 26

My Heart Hurts

Why do I sit around creating problems when you have enough legitimate ones to cover us both?

Friday, March 23

And how.

The best part about having no class on Thursday is that Friday feels like Monday, but at the end of the day, it's still Friday and Tuesday is the weekend.

You get what I'm saying?

Saturday, March 3

Targa, Targa be my Lover! Love me, Love me Under Covers!


love targa.tga files.

I just wanna go SHAKE someone! AHHHH!