Saturday, February 3

Oh, How Many Years May Pass in a Fraction of a Second

Sometimes I just get so scared.

And I know so well the irrationality. And I know I'm wrong.

I pray I'm wrong.

And I know that things can't possibly have gone as I think they have.

But I am so scared.

And I wake up alone and I stutter to breathe and the flesh on my neck crawls to attention and my eyes travel manically in the dark.

But, then they focus. They focus on the tangled mop of hair and sprawled limbs of your perfectly untouched existence. My ears perk to hear the sounds of your sleepy breathing and hearty snores of an undisturbed rest. I am assured of your safety. I am assured you exist unharmed. And finally I breathe.

But not one second sooner.

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Dara said...

People should read this.